Mercedes Parts store!

This page has on it some of the smaller parts. Generally, these items are described as small as they can be despatched through the Australian postal system. This list is by no means all I have. There are literally thousands of other items that are not listed here.

One of the things in which I have started to specialise is the replacement of original fixtures and fasteners. I have diligently kept thousands of screws, nuts and washers that have a special application in these cars, and that are now unavailable.

The listing below is divided along Daimler Benz' own numbering system for clarity and ease of finding things. Some part numbers are included for ease in following what is what. If you need more information, just ask!


Another new concept for me....a lot of people ring or mail wanting parts to upgrade their car: fit Airconditioning, power steering etc. So what I am going to do is offer kits of parts: everything that is needed to fit a certain option to a certain model. Remember that as my cars have all been RHD, there will be NO LHD compatible kits.

W114/5 sedan and Coupe. Factory air conditioning kit: includes loom, fusebox, dash assembly, vacuum elements, thermo fan, heat exchangers, compressor mounting and pulleys. No compressor as I cannot understand why anyone would want to install a second hand compressor...$350 for the kit.
W108/9 Sedan. Factory air conditioning kit. Includes underdash module, switches, looms, fusebox, heater ducts and blanking plugs, dash timber, air vents, heat exchangers, compressor mountings to suit your engine. No compressor. $500.
W111 Sedan/coupe/conv. Power steering kit. Includes pulleys, pump to suit your engine, steering box, steering shaft, pipes. Box and pump are as removed from the car and should be resealed prior to use. $450. If you want the box and pump re-kitted, expect to pay $800 for the kit.
W114/5 Sedan power steering kit. Includes box, pump to suit your engine, pulleys, pipes. Pre facelift: $350. Post facelift $250. If you want the box and pump resealed, $750 for the kit, either model.
W108/9 Power window kit. Includes motors, wiring, switches, mountings. In all cases, the interiorparts will be generic colours and will need to be coloured to match your car. Early cars: 1966-1969 $900, late cars $1000. These will be VERY difficult to fit...
W110/111/112 sedan and coupe Sunshine roof. This is the non-power version. You will need to be brave to cut the hole in your roof, but I have all the bits to fill it up again with a nice sunshine roof. Includes the roof panel and all mounting hardware. VERY rare. $750.

Now....back to the small parts list...

 M180 220S Camshaft $250
 M121 190/190b camshaft $350
 M127 220SE Ponton Camshaft $250
 M127 220SEb Camshaft $250
 M108 250S Camshaft $150
 M129 250SE Camshaft $150
 M130/E 280S/SE Camshaft $150
 M130E 280SL, 300SE Camshaft 
 M116 3.5 Camshaft, Left and Right, each $300
 M189.984 300/SE Camshaft, 160HP $500
 M189.986/7/8 300SE/L Camshaft, 170HP $500
 M100 6.3 liter Camshafts, Left and right, each  $500
 M180 all connecting rods, set 
 M121 all connecting rods, set 
 M127 all connecting rods, set  $40 each
 M129/108 all connecting rods, set $40 each
 M130/130E all connecting rods, set $40 each
 M116 3.5 liter connecting rods, set $40 each
 M100 6.3 liter connecting rods, set $100 each
 M100             6.9 liter         connecting rods, set
                    M189 all connecting rods, set 
 M180 ponton Side cover, left 
 M180 ponton Side cover, right 
 M180 etc dual rail Timing gear set 
 M180 etc single rail Timing gear set 
 M189 all Timing gear set 
 M116 3.5 liter Timing gear set 
Engine M127 220 SE Ponton Manifold, intake, with injectors 
 M127 220SEb Manifold, intake, with injectors 127 141 17 01
 M129/130 250SE Manifold, intake 129 140 00 01
 M100             6.9               Manifold, intake
                    110-920 280SE Manifild, intake, +carby 
 116-980 280SE 3.5 Manifold, intake,+throttle 
 180-920 230/6 Manifold, intake, +carbies 
 W128 220SE Manifold, exhaust, front 
 W128 220SE MAnifold, exhaust, rear 
 M110 280SE Manifold, exhaust, front 110 142 16 02
 M110 280SE Manifold, exhaust, rear 110 142 12 02
 M114 230/6-250/8 Manifold, Exhaust, front 108 142 03 02
 M114 230/6-250/8 Manifold, Exhaust,rear 108 142 01 02
 M127 220SEb Manifold, Exhaust, Front 127 142 04 02
 M127 220SEb Manifold, Exhaust, Rear 127 142 06 02
 M129 250/280SE Manifold, Exhaust, Front 129 142 01 02
 M129 250/280SE Manifold, Exhaust, Rear 129 142 02 01
 M129 250SE/SL Distributor. 1FUR 051
 M127 220SEb Distributor. IFUR 048
 M189 300 SE Distributor cap, new 
 M189 300SE Distributor 
 M110 280S Distributor. PFUD6
 M116 350SE Distributor.No contacts TFUD8
 M130E 280SE Distributor JFU6
 6cyl 220/50/80S/SE Distributor cap, used 
 6cyl ditto Distributor mount &drive assy 
 M116 all Timing chain tensioner 
 M130/E ditto Crankcase cover & sump 
 M110 280E/S/SE crankcase cover and sump 
 M130 300SE/L ditto with compressor mount 
 M129 250SE Injection pipe assy 
 M130E 280SE injection pipe assy 
 M130E 280SE Injection control linkage 
 M129 250SE Injection control linkage 
 OM621 190D Injection pump drive assy 
 M130E 280SE Cold Start valve, late 
 M127/9 220/250SE Cold start valve 
 all F.I.  Cold start valve solenoid 
 OM616 240D Engine/gearbox coupling 
 all petrol  Engine/gearbox coupling 


Transmission W114/5 250/8 rear drive shafts 
 W116 280S/SE rear drive shafts 
 W111 220S/SE Rear Extension Bracket 
 W109 300SEL 6.3 rear extension bracket 
 W108 250S/SE rear extension bracket 
 W108 280S/SE/SEL rear extension bracket 
 W108/9 all 3.5 rear extension bracket 
 W114/5 all rear extension bracket 
 W114/5 all manual clutch lining repair kit 114 586 00 25
 W111/2 all axle shaft, rear, left 
 W111/2 all axle shaft, rear, right 
 W108/9 6 cyl axle xhaft, rear, left 
 W108/9 6 cyl axle shaft, rear, right 
 W111 all pinion drive flange 
 W108/9 not 6.3 pinion drive flange 
 W108/9 not 6.3 sliding coupling, fine spline 
 W111/2 all Sliding coupling, coarse spline 
 W108/9 all axle bellows 
 W116  Thrust washer, new 116 853 29 52
 W112 LSD Clutches, outer 112 353 11 60
 W112 LSD Side gear, right, 16 teeth 112 350 02 04
 W112 LSD Side gear,left, 16 teeth 112 353 04 15
 W112 LSD Spacer washer 112 353 14 52
 W108 all Diff centre, fine spline, 3.69 112 353 17 12
 W108 all Diff centre, with housing, 3.69 112 353 17 12
 W108 all Diff center, with housing, 3.46 
 W180 all Tailshaft assembly 
 W121 all Tailshaft assembly 
 W110/111 all Tailshaft assembly 
 W112 coupe Tailshaft assembly 
 W112 LWB sedan Tailshaft assembly 
 W112 Sedan Tailshaft assembly 
 W108 early Tailshaft assembly 
 W108 late Tailshaft assembly 
 W109 early Tailshaft assembly 
 W109 late 6 cyl tailshaft assembly 
 W109 3.5 liter tailshaft assembly 
 W109 6.3 liter tailshaft assembly 
 W114/5 all tailshaft assembly, three piece 
 W114/5 all tailshaft assembly, two piece. 


Mount rubbers W114/5 all Mount, rear axle carrier 115 351 35 42
 W121/180 all roundies Mount, front subframe to body 180 333 01 65
 W110/109 all Mount, rear trailing arm to body 110 352 11 65
 W111/108 all Flat spring, front subframe mount 
 W111/108 early Mount, engine 180 223 10 12
 W121/180 all Mount, engine 121 223 01 12
 W108/114 late Mount, engine 
 W111/108 all Mount, suspension tower 111 330 15 75
 W111/108 all Mount, differential centre pivot 110 350 04 75
 W112/109 all Mount, differential centre pivot 112 350 04 75
 W115 diesel Mount, engine, left 615 223 01 12
 W108 late Mount, rear extension 
 W114/5 late Mount, rear extension 123 240 22 18
 W114/5 early Mount, diff centre to body 
 W111/2 all Mount, rear extension 

 Many new mount rubbers available as well. 


Cooling W121 190b Radiator, repaired 121 500 06 03
 W110/111 190/220 Radiator, manual 
 W112 300SE Radiator, Auto 
 W108/9 300SE/L Radiator, Auto 
 W111 220S/SE Radiator, auto 111 500 05 03
 W108 250S/SE Radiator, early, Manual 108 500 04 03
 W108 250S/SE Radiator, early, Auto 108 500 0503
 W108 280S/SE Radiator, late, Manual 108 501 02 01
 W108 280S/SE Radiator, late, Auto 108 501 01 01
 W109 280/300SE/L 3.5 Radiator, Auto, steel oil cooler 109 501 03 01
 W108/9 300SE/l Reservoir tank, copper 
 W116 280S/SE Raduiator, auto 110 502 01 01
 W116 450SE Radiator, auto 
 W109 ditto Aluminium oil cooler 
 W109 all 2.8 Fan surround 
 W108/9 all 3.5 Water pump assy 117 201 02 01
 W108/9 300SE/l Water Pump assy 
 W110/111 190/220 Water pump 
 W121 190/190b Water pump 
 W112 300SE Fan Coupling, hydraulic 
 W112 300SE Fan coupling, electric 
 W112 300SE Actuator for hydraulic fan 
 W112 300SE Actuator for electric fan 


Fuel System W111/112 250/280/300SE Fuel Pump, large case 001 091 34 01
 W108/9 280SE/6.3 Fuel Pump, small case 
 All carby Early Fuel Pump. 
 All Carby Late Fuel Pump. 
 J. Jetronic all Fuel Pump 
 M129/130E 250/280SE Fuel filter and damper 
 M127 220SE Fuel filter and damper 
 M129/130E 250/280SE Pipe: filter to inj. Pump 
 M127 220SE Injection Pump, R16 
 M129 250SE, early Injection pump, R18 
 M127 250SE Injection pump, R18, s/h 
 M130E 280SE Injection Pump, R20. 
 M130E 280SE Injection Pump, R22 
 M189.988 300SE Injection pump 
 M189.986 300SE Injection pump, new overhaul 
 OM616 240D Injection Pump, 
 M116 W108/109 Injection computer 
 M116 W108/109 Injection harness 
 M110 W114 Injection harness 
 M189 300SE Injectors, cleaned and tested 
 M100 6.3 liter Injectors 
 M189 300SE Injectors, as found 
 M116             380SE           Divider head and airflow sensor
                    M100             6.9               Divider head and airflow sensor
                    M129/130E all Injection nozzle 
 M127/9/130 all Air intake hose, new 127 094 01 82
 M127/9/130 all Air intake hose 
 M121 190c Solex carburettor 
 M121 190 ponton Solex carburettor 
 M180 all Solex carburettors on manifold 
 M180/121 early Solex carburettors, each 
 M180 W111/114 Zenith carburettors, each 
 M108 W108 Zenith carburettors, each 
 M130 W108/109 Zenith carburettors on manifold 
 M180 220S Solex Carburettor kit 000 586 64 07
 M180 220S Solex jet kit 000 586 79 07
 M127 220SE Supplementary air filter, ZEA 000 018 40 60
 M127/129 all Heater, air intake 
 W108/9 not 6.3 Fuel tank, 82Litre 
 W109 6.3 Fuel tank, 105 litre 

Air Suspension W109 all air intake evaporator 
 W112 all Control valve assy, early 
 W109 all control valve assy, late 
 Ï usually have a range of different height valves for W109 and W112 cars. Usually, these are supplied as removed from a car as cores for rebuilding rather than leak free. This does vary quite frequently, as I can now get the valves rebuilt for approximately $350-400 per valve.

If you have need for these parts, let me know and I can tell you exactly what I have at the time.  

As a general rule, you will pay $140 per valve for rebuilders and $550 for rebuilt ones to fit W109 cars. The early ones are simply $120 each, and I cannot offer rebuilding services for them..
 W112 all Brake carrier, rear, set. 
 W109 all Brake carrier, rear, set 
 W112 all Anti dive link, pair 
 W109 all Anti dive link, pair 
 W112/109 all Mounting, rear anti-roll bar, left 
 W112/109 all Mounting, rear anti-roll bar, righ 
 W112/109 all Bump stop, rear 
 W112 all LSD Diff centre, LSD, ratio 3.92 112 353 13 12
 W112 all LSD Crownwheel and pinion 112 353 13 12
 W109 early Cable, air susp. control 
 W109 late Cable, air susp. control 
 W112 all Cable, air susp. control 
 W109 all 3.5 Compressor 46818
 W109 all 2.8 Compressor with p.s. pump 42134
 W109/112 all others Comrpessor 42134
 W109 all Hose, flexible, front control valv 
 W112/109 all Hose, braided, to reciever 
 W112/109 all Valve, non-return 
 W112/109 all Reciever, small 
 W112/109 all Shock absorber, rear, blue, pair 
 W112/109 6 cyl anti roll bar, front 
 W109 all 3.5 anti roll bar, front 
 W109 6.3 Anti roll bar, front 
 W112/109 all anti roll bar, rear 
 W112/109 all Shock absorber, rear, blue 
 W112/109 all Shock absorber, front, blue 

Suspension W180/121 all Front suspension subframe 
Steering W180/121 all Upper ccontrol arm bushing 
 W180/121 all Lower control arm bushing 
 W180/121 all Upper control arm, right 
 W180/121 all Upper control arm, left 
 W180/121 all Lower control arm, right 
 W180/121 all Lower control arm, left 
 W180/121 all Stub axle assembly, right 
 W180/121 all Stub axle assembly, left 
 W111/108 all Bushing, lower control arm, inner 111 333 03 30
 W111/108 all Bushing, upper control arm, inner 111 333 31 07
 W111/109 all Control arm, upper 
 W112/109 all Contol arm, lower left                        These are $400 each
 W112/109 all Control arm, lower right                    These are $400 each
 W111/108 all Control arm, lower, right 
 W111/108 all Copntrol arm, lower, left 
 W114/5 all Control arm, lower, right 
 W114/5 all Control arm, lower, left 
 W114/5 all Control arm, upper, right 
 W114./5 all Control arm, upper, left 
 W112 ATE Stub axle assy, complete 
 W112 Dunlop Stub axle assy, complete, 
 W114/5 early Rear control arm, right 
 W114/5 early Rear control arm, left 
 W114/5 late Rear control arm, right 
 W114/5 late Rear control arm, left 
 W116 450SE/L Rear control arm, right 
 W116 450 SE/L Rear control arm, left. 
 W111 all 220 Anti roll bar, front 
 W108 6 cyl Antio roll bar, front 
 W108 all 3.5 Anti roll bar, front 
 W114/5 all Anti roll bar, front 
 W114/5 all Anti roll bar, rear 
 W116 all Anti roll bar, front 
 W116 all Anti roll bar, rear 
 W180/121 all Tie rod 
 W180/121 early Drag link 
 W121 late Drag link 
 W111/112 all Tie rod 
 W111/108 all Drag link 
 W114/5 all tie rod 
 W180/121 all Steering box, manual 
 W108/9 6 cyl Steering box, power 
 W108/9 V8 Steering box, power 
 W111/108 early Steering box, manual 
 W114/5 late Steering box, power 
 W116 all Steering box, power 
 V8 all Power steering pump 
 early 6 cyl all Power steering pump 
 M110 all Power steering pump 

Brakes W111/180 all Brake drums, alfin  These drums are all within factory specified thickness and have all their fins. They will fit the front of all Pontons with 6 cyl motors, as well as the W121 b-suffix front brakes. They will fit all finny brakes and the rear of all 190SL and W180 sedans. They are very rare and cost $100 each.
 W121 all Brake drums, rear 
 W111/121 all Brake drums, cast iron 
 W111 all Brake disk, front, 13" 
 W108/9 all Brake disk, rear, 14" 
 W108/9 all Brake disk, front, 14" 
 W111/108 all Pedal assy, auto 
 W111/108 all Pedal assy, manual 
 W180/121 all Power brake booster 
 W111/108 early Booster 
 W108/9 late Booster 
 W121/180 all power Master cylinder, stainless 
 W121/180 all manual Master cylinder, stainless 
 W108/9 Carburettor Master cyl, straight reservoir 
 W108/9 Fuel Inj. Master cyl, offset reservoir 
 W114/5 all Master cylinder 
 W116 late Master cylinder 
 W121/180 all Slave cylinder, sleeved 
 W121/180 all rear slave cylinder, sleeved 
 All ATE Front calipers, pair 
 All Teves Front calipers, pair 
 All Dunlop Front calipers, pair 
 All ATE Rear calipers, pair 
 All Dunlop Rear calipers, pair 


Electrical all early all Starter motor, single contact 
 all late all Starter motor, dual contact 
 W121/111 all Generator 
 M189 all Generator, reco 
 M189 all Generator, used 
 M189 all starter, reco 
 M189 all starter, used 
 all all Alternator, 55A 
 all all Alternator, 45A 
 Generator all Regulator 
 W116 all Headlight, left 
 W116 all Headlight, right 
 W111/108 early, convex lens Headlight 
 W108/109 late, flat lens Headlight 
 W110 all Headlight 
 W121/180 all Headlight lens 
 W111/112 all Taillight assembly, left 
 W111/112 all Taillight assembly, right 
 W110 all Taillight assembly, left 
 W110 all Taillight assembly, right 
 W108/9 all Taillight assembly, left 
 W108/9 all Taillight assembly, right 
 W114/5 early Taillight assembly, left 
 W114/5 early Taillight assembly, right 
 W114/5 late Taillight assembly, left 
 W114/5 late Taillight assembly, right 
 W116 all Taillight assembly, left 
 W116 all Taillight assembly, right 


Air con W116 280S/SE Air conditioner compressor 
 M127/9/130 all Air conditioner mount bracket 
 M180/130 all Air conditioner mount bracket 
 W108/9 Factory air Heat exchanger 
 W108/9 Factory air Complete fitting kit, 6 cyl 
 W108/9 Factory air, Complete fitting kit., V8 


Cables W115 diesel Start/run cable 
 W115 diesel idle control cable 
 W121 diesel idle control cable 
 W108/111 all Cable, bonnet release 
 W121 all Cable, bonnet release 
 W112 all Cable, handbrake, rear 
 W109 all Cable, handbrake, rear 
 W108 all Cable, handbrake, rear 
 W114/5 all Cable, handbrake, front 
 W111/108 all Cable, handbrake, front 
 W111/108 early Cable, speedometer drive 
 W108/9 late Cable, speedometer drive 


Exhausts W108            3.5               Centre muffler: new.
                    W108 3 liter Engine pipes, new 
 W123            280E             Centre muffler, new
                    W108            all                 Engine pipes, new.