Mercedes Parts store!

This is a general list of things that are generally too big to post. That means engines, transmissions, axles and this type of thing. I have been trying to create a complete list, but there is just too much stuff!

In general, in order to reduce the amount of space taken up by engines in particular, the engines are stored without ancilliaries. This means that injection pumps, manifolds on 6 cylinder cars, mounting struts, generators and such are all removed, and the engine supplied without them. These parts are of course available if needed, for additional cost. Similarly, transmissions are stored without bell housings where these can be removed without altering the integrity of the unit. Fluid flywheels, torque converters and clutches are also available additionally if needed. Obviously an engine is a large thing, and difficult to ship. I am happy to arrange freight to anywhere at buyers expense. Alternatively, I am happy to have you make your own arrangements if needed.

For all the engines listed, I am happy to supply compression numbers and any other data that you may require. All these motors have been correctly dry stored with clean oil charges in them. A wise person would, however, be changing front crankshaft seals prior to installing them. 

W109     M100.981 An excellent running motor. All ancilliaries available..

W109     M100.981 Another excellent running motor.

W114     M114.980 Rare injected motor for 250CE Perfect runner. All ancilliaries available.

W112     M189.986. Rare early 3.0 motor in good condition with minimal corrosion. Early injection system also available if needed..

W109     M189.988. I have three of these, all in good running order.

W116     M117.984   I have three of these, all in excellent order. Two with K-Jet intake and one D-Jet

W111     M127.980 Manual. Complete, and reconditioned. Early model fitted with ZEA injection. Will also suit 220SE W128 coupe. Perfect condition.

W111 220S manual motor. Comes from an original low mileage car and has a reconditioned set of Solex carburettors on it. Perfect running condition. SOLD

W112   M189.988. Auto. No corrosion.

W108   M130E. Later version as fitted to the last 280SL. Auto, with R24 injection pump. Excellent, original running condition.

W108 M129 manual version. Good running motor that has been in storage a long time. SOLD.

W108 M129 Auto. Good running condition.

W114 M180. Will also fit 230, 230S and 220S finnies as a direct bolt in upgrade. Good condition.

W108 M116.980. Auto version. One of the early Euro engines in excellent condition. Will also bolt (almost) straight into any D-jet W116.

W116 M110. Early D-jet motor in stunning condition. Will also fit W114 280E. Euro spec motor with no pollution gear.

W180 220S Ponton. Complete with all accessories including rebuilt transmission and clutch. Good compressions and oil pressures, and a recently overhauled cylinder head. . SOLD

W126 M110 with transmission. Perfect complete origianl motor from a 80,000 km car. Has been correctly serviced and correctly stored for the last 16 years, after removal from a crash damaged car. SOLD

W100/109  K4A-050 transmission. Excellent condition.

W109         K4A-040 Transmission to suit M189 3 liter. Excellent condition.


108           v.good      3.5 transmission complete   
116           v.good      4.5 transmission, complete  
116           v.good      2.8 transmission, 4 speed, complete  4 bolt pan: , 6 bolt pan
109 v.good 3.5 transmission w/ ring gear  
109 v.good 3.0 transmission  300SE GA 009452    
108 v.good W108/111 Manual gbox, floor shift 111 261 05 01   
108 v.good W108/111 Manual gbox, floor shift 111 265 05 01 
115 v.good W114/5-late108/9 gearbox                                       
111 good W111 220SEB auto. GA 220/S./SE                            

Rear Axles 
108 v.good 3.5 rear axle comp brakes, 3.46
109 v.good 2.8 rear axle, comp, 3.92  
109 v.good 3.0 rear axle, comp, 3.92  
114 v.good 250/8 diff centre 3.69 ratio  
112 reco/detail 300SE/l Rear Axle, with 1 brake, 3.92.

Cylinder Heads

M130 early casting number 130 016 00 01. NEW head casting. Never installed on a motor.

M189 late head, fully reconditioned and never fitted to a car following. No corrosion and good material thickness.

M100 6.3 heads. No corrosion and good material thickness. Valves still fitted. each.

M100 bare Cylinder heads: 6.9, pair. , no corrosion.
127 016 16 01. M127 head, 220SE Finny. 84.8mm thick. Recent full reco, includes valves. 
108 016 02 01 M108 head. 250S. 84.1mm thick, full reco recently, includes valves. 
180 016 29 01 M180 head. 230S/230.6. 84.6mm Full recent reco, includes valves.   
180 010 04 21 M180 Head. 220S roundie. Has minor corrosion but is full 85.0mm thick. Casting only.
180 010 60 20 M180 Head. 220S roundie. Minor corrosion, 85.0 thick. Casting only.
180 010 60 20 M180 Head. 220S roundie. needs some welding. 84.8mm thick.
127 010 01 20 M127 Head. Ponton/Roundie Injected head. Needs very minor welding, 84.6mm thick.  
180 016 12 01 M180 Head. 230S. 84.4mm. No corrosion.
180 016 26 01 M180 Head. 230.6. 84.2mm. Minor corrosion..
180 016 33 01 M180 Head. 230/250. 84.8mm. Minor corrosion.   
114 016 08 01 M114E head. 250CE. 85.0mm. minor corrosion. Very rare.   
180 010 60 20 M180 head. 220S roundie. 84.9mm. Minor corrosion.
114 016 02 01 M114 head. 250/8. 84.0mm, no corrosion. .
129 016 03 01 M129 Head. 250SE. 84.5mm. Minor corrosion.
130 016 00 01 M130 head. 280S. 84.0mm, recent full reco, complete, no corrosion.
130 016 11 01 M130E head. 280SE/SL. Later type. 84.0mm. No corrosion.   
114 016 03 01 M114 head. 250/8. 85.0mm thick. No corrosion. Would also suit M108 250S motor.  
180 ??? ?? ?? This head is an early M180 220A head, with no casting number on it. It is full thickness 85mm, has no corrosion. No valves, and seats will need to be recut/replaced.   
108 new sachs clutch with flywheel M228 
108 good fitchel & sachs clutch with flywheel MYK228 
121 good fitchel & sachs clutch no flywheel KS12KV 
115 good sachs clutch with flywheel M215 
108 good flywheel, M130E  
108 good Flywheel, M108