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If you have a classic Mercedes Benz, you have come to the right place.

We have one of the largest ranges of pre-owned, recycled (and some new old stock) parts for Classic Mercedes-Benz vehicles  in Australia.

I can supply parts for:

Chassis cars: W186 300b and 300c Also many engine parts for the M136 found in the W136 170 series

Roundie (ponton): W105, W120, W121, W128  W180  180, 190, 190b, 219 220A, 220S and 220SE.

Finnie (fintail, heckflosse): W110, W111, W112  190c, 200, 230, 230S, 220, 220S, 220SE, 220SE coupe, 250SE coupe, 280SE coupe, 300SE, 300SE long, 300SE coupe.

New Generations: W108, W109; 250S, 250SE, 280S, 280SE, 280SE 3.5, 280SEL, 280SEL 3.5, 300SE, 300SEL, 300SEL 3.5, 300SEL 6.3.

600 SWB. Many NOS parts also available.


            W114, W115: 220.4, 220.6, 250, 250C, 250CE, 280, 280E, 280C, 280CE.

             W123: 230,  230E, 230TE, 280E, 280TE. 

             W124: 230E, 260E and 300E. No coupes, though: sorry!

S-Class (W116 and W126) 280, 280S, 280SEL, 350SE, 450SE, 450SEL, 450SEL 6.9, 300SE, 300SEL,380SE, 380SEC, 380SEL, 420SEL 500SE, 500SEL, 560SEC, 560SEL.

Many hard to find- and in some cases nearly impossible to find- parts are available here including Becker radios going back as far as 1954, foglights for most models including the lovely Bosch lights from the W180 roundies and the uber-rare larger version for the 300 Chassis cars, cylinder heads for almost all the models listed above, many of them full thickness corrosion free castings and an infinite number of smaller fittings like interior trims, lights, handles, brackets and electrical items.

Older Mercedes-Benz's have been my passion for over 25 years, and I have owned as regular drivers some 20 different cars. To keep those cars on the road, I have had over 200 other cars for parts. As you may imagine, thats a lot of parts. I still have most of them, and they're for sale!  This website is here to make contact with you, the classic Mercedes owner, so hopefully I can help with any second hand parts needs you may have. Over the years, I have also collected a fair amount of NOS (thats New-Old Stock) items that may also be of interest.

The vast majority of my cars have been of the New Generation variety: W108 and more importantly W109 cars from 1965 to 1972. There have been 13 6.3's in that lot... I also owned for a long time a W112 300SE long wheelbase sedan (actually, two of them) and so have had many W110, W111 and W112 finnies as well. Then came Fritz the Roundie, A W180 220S that came with two W128 220SE's for parts...I have now had 6 injected Ponton cars for parts, as well as over 20 220S cars, many of the hydraks. And also newer models have been represented as I had three 6.9's, a 350SE and a 280SE W116 that needed parts from other cars to keep them happy.

Even if your car is not listed above, try me anyway, as there are many easy solutions for difficult parts availability problems.

Although I am located in Australia, I am happy to send stuff all over the world, and have done so on many an occasion without problems. Please remember thought, that as I am in Australia, all my cars have been Right Hand Drive, so I cannot help with parts that need to be from a Left Hand Drive car-unless it is a 380SL as I have one of those that was left hand drive.

If you have an enquiry, go for it: I love hearing from people. To make the whole thing easier, can you tell me which country you are from, and send me the chassis number of your car?  The chassis number is important because it tells me all sorts of things about your car: LHD or RHD, manual or auto, model series and approximate build date. With the build chassis number I can check in the books which version of parts your car might have as Benz liked to change things mid stream.

We are located in Cranbourne, a suburb in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. I am happy for you to visit and collect stuff, provided I know you are coming and we have organised it beforehand. Failing that, I can send anything anywhere in the world, and we have done a fair bit of that stuff in the recent past.

For those of you who shop on EBAY, we do sometimes sell items via this medium.  Our Username is "kiwijuls", and if you would like to find out more about our reliablity, you can check out some of our 100% positive feedback.

Latest news:


  1. 20 May 2013. After a bit of a pause, I am back, better than ever. This means adding some new (old) cars and this time they are all chassis cars. I have no less than 3 chassis 300's arrive, as well as a very early 170D utility that appears to be a factory production. This car may even be restored as they are very rare and this has had most of the chassis and running gear (including the engine) rebuilt to a very high standard. The bottom of the body is lacework, but otherwise it is very nice. Recently, I also acquired a W112 300SE sedan or to be more precise, two of them. One of them is a lovely car in need of paint but with all the hard things done to professional standard, the other is saveable but is a bit nasty...!
  2. 4 February 2010. 600's are everywhere. I have come into some NOS 600 parts. There is a fairly extensive list: panels, bumper parts, trims, chassis parts, and many other small parts. Sorry to disappoint, but there are NO new hydraulic parts, and NO new lights. I do still have a LOT of lovely bits off the two cars below, so feel free to ask!
  3. 4 February 2010.  How about a NOS set of W198 300SL side and front windows  for the Roadster version, brand new, undamaged and perfect. 
  4. 4 February, 2010.  Pagodas. For the first time I have some W113 parts.  A pair of NOS front guards. A pair of NOS rear wheelarch pressings (the inner ones that always rust) and a pair of lovely but used rear bumpers.
  5. 14 October 2010. It had to happen eventually. I have been wanting a 600 for years, so I finally bought one. Actually, I bought two. One is very definately a parts car, and hs had a lot of parts removed. The other is stripped down for repaint, but absolutely complete and in nice condition. The grey leather interior is virtually mint, and the timber is also very nice. Due to the size of this hoard, moving is taking a long time, but I have moved anough to say that I have four virtually perfect early hubcaps, a nearly perfect front bumper, taillightsheadlights, engine parts etc. As a pennance for this purchase, I also got another 450SEL 6.9 parts car from the same vendor. No interior, no dashboard and been outside for years. But he recently fittred a NEW radiator,filled it with new oil and coolant, changed the fuel, changed the battery and away it went. It is the sweetest 6.9 engine I have ever heard! This car is mechanically beautiful so any wants you may have, go for it!
  6. 18 August, 2010. Small update but important for those W111/112 Coupe owners. How about an early right hand taillight brand new and in the box? $1400AUS. It has the Amber indicator lens. Also available is a factory issue bare lens for the same side, without the chrome and ready to be installed in your existing bezel. This one also suits W113 230 and 250 SL owners.
  7. 05 August, 2010. How about a new old stock, still in the crate transmission for your W108 280S or SE. Will also suit the automatic petrol engine W114/W115 sedans and coupes with single cam motors. Will also suit W113 280SL built after May 1969.
  8. 26 July, 2010. M100 cars seem to be an ongoing theme. Yesterday, a complete W116 450SEL 6.9 arrived, complete with all suspension components and mechanically sound. The body is tired, but all the good bits are there. If you need anything, let me know! This car has now been completely stipped, and yielded some lovely parts: the suspension spheres were nearly new, none of the hydraulic struts had been leaking, and the engine had one (yes, only one: go figure...) reco head on it. The other one is fine, but is not reco. The block is standard size and all the factory hone marks are present so if you need a replacement cylinder block, here it is!
  9. 18/March, 2010. We seem to have gotten newer around here, with the addition of a couple of W124's. These were sourced as parts for my 230E manual tranmission car which has been misbehaving. As this car has been determined essentially dead, there are two 230E's from 1988, and a 260E from 1987 as parts cars....need anything? Just ask!
  10. 21/ February, 2010. As part of a collection of NOS parts I bought recently, I can offer come lovely cylinder heads. How about a NEW never used 280SL pagoda head casting? Has guides and seats, as delivered from the factory: absolutely perfect. Casting number is 130 016 00 01 making it an early version high compression head. Also included was a perfect head from an M189 300SE coupe. This one if fully reconditioned, has had only one shave so is nearly full thickness, has the valves in and is ready to bolt onto your engine. No corrosion. 
  11. 16/February, 2010.It is 6.3 heaven here at the moment. I thought I had the last collection of parts 6.3's with the three I got in 2008. Well, just when I thought it was all over, another three have come to light from a different source. They are bodily tired, but complete, and one of them has had very recent rebuilt heads and runs like an absolute rocket. Anyone needing 6.3 bits: they're here!
  12. 12/February, 2010. Another 300SEl, this time a three liter W109. Complete original car that runs very well, despite the catastrophic rust in it. All the good bits are there, including the Becker Grand Prix LMKU radio.
  13. Part of the above haul was a bit different. For the commercial enthusiast, included was a NEW engine block, crankshaft, camshaft, three cylinder heads, flywheel, gasket set and large pile of smaller parts (including bearings, brake cylinders etc) for an OM314. All offers for this lot would be considered! All brand new in original packaging....except the camshaft which has an area of water damage and would need linishing. The rest is perfect.
  14. Today, I acquired a stock of NEW throttle position switches for Bosch D-Jetronic fuel injection engines, both the V8 (M116/7 in 280SE 3.5, 300SEL 3.5 and the W116 series) and 6 cyl M110 in W116 and W114 280E engines. These are horribly expensive to buy from MB, and quite fragile. 
  15. Recent acquisitions include a W186 300c for parts. This was a complete car, including things like the radio and speakers. The body was rusty but the rest of it is quite nice. If you need any 300 bits, let me know!


Have fun, and I look forward to hearing from you