Mercedes Parts store!

Electrical parts...

W109 300SEL 3.5 Loom, Complete
W115 240D Loom, Complete
W121 190b Loom, Complete
W108/9 factory air Loom, air conditioner
W114/5 all early Gauges, KMH-240, 3.69, C, NC.
W116 280S gauges, KMH-260, 3.69, F
W108 250S/E gauges, MPH-140, 3.92, F, NC
W108 280S/SE gauges, MPH-140, 3.92 F, Clock
W108/9 280/300 3.5 gauges, MPH-160, 3.46,C, clock
W108/9 280SE gauges, MPH-160, 3.92, F, NC
W108 250S/SE gauges, MPH-140, 3.92, F, clock
W108 280S/SE gauges, MPH-140, 3.92, C, NC.
W114 6 cyl gauges, MPH-140, 3.69, F, NC
W115 4 cyl gauges, MPH-120, 3.92, F, clock
W111 220/S/SE gauges, MPH-120, 3.92,
W109 early gauge, speed, MPH-140. 3.92
W108/9 all clock, works
W111 all clock, works
W121 all clock
W111 all temp gauge
W108/9 all temp gauge
W108/9 all oil gauge
W108/9 all fuel gauge
W111/2/3 coupe/SL Tacho, mechanical
W111/2/3 coupe/SL Tacho, mechanical, needs minor work
W111/2/3 coupe/SL Minor instrument cluster
W121 all Gauges, KPH, No temp gauge
W121 all early switches-dash
W121 all early switch knobs
W121 deisels dashboard, black timber
W121 deisels glowplug indicator
W121 deisels switch-glowplug/start
W121 deisels glowplug series resistor
W121 deisels starter motor, complete
W108/9 3.5 litre ignition controller+coil
W116 3.5 litre trigger contacts
W108/9 late Power  Window winder, FR
W108/9 early Loom, airconditioner
W108/9 late Loom, airconditioner
W109 all Motor, sunroof
W109  Sunroof, complete
W108/9 early Motor, wipers
W108/9 late Motor, wipers
W114/5 early Motor, wipers
W111 all Motor, wipers
W121/180 all Motor, wiper
W116 all Motor, wipers


Timber parts.....

I have recently acquired some lovely W180 220S/SE window timbers that are NEW OLD STOCK! 

I can also supply speaker grilles for W111 coupes, and a range of timber oddment trays for W111/112 sedans and coupes. 

W121 all Dash cover
W121 all switchboard
W180 all Dash, complete
W180 all Window trim, FL
w180 all Window trim, FR
W180 all Window trim, RL
W180 all Window trim, RR
W109 all Timber, LRD, plain
W108 250S/SE Timber, dash, LHE, chrome strip
W108 250S/SE Timber, dash, chrome vents
W108 280S/SE Timber, dash, LHE, Early
W108 280S/SE Timber, dash, early model
W108/9 all Timber, dash, Zebrano
W108 250S/SE Timber, w.screen, left
W108 250S/SE Timber, w.screen, Right
W108 250S/SE Timber, w.screen, Top
W108/9 all Timber, Dash top, Zebrano
W108 all Timber, dash top, plain
W111 all Timber, dash.
W111 all Timber, dash, LHE
W111 all Timber, w.screen, left
W111 all Timber., w.screen, right
W111 all Timber, dash top, RHE
W111 all Timber, dash top, LHE
W108 early Glove box cover, chrome strip
W108/9 late Glove box cover, padded strip
W108/9 late Glove box cover, Zebrano
W108/9 late Glove box cover, no strip
W108/9 late Glove box cover, Burl walnut
W111 all Glove box cover
W111/2 coupe Timber dash, early model
W111/2 coupe Timber dash, late model
W111/2 coupe Wndsreen timber
W111/2 coupe Instrument cluster, needs work
W111/2 coupe Windscreen surround

Steering column parts...

W111 all Steering column, floor change
W111 all Steering column, col. change
W108/9 early Steering column, floor change
W108/9 late Steering column, floor change
W114/5 all Steering column, floor change
W114/5 all Steering column, col.change
W108 250S/SE Air vents, dash, chrome.Pair

Small bodywork parts.....

W108/9 all Sunroof, electric. No cables etc
W108/9 all Guard, D, No rust. Minor damage
W108/9 all Guard, P, No rust, Minor dent
W108/9 all Guard, D, No rust.
W108/9 all Guard, P, No rust,
W114 all early Guard, P, No rust
W114 late Guard, left
W114 late guard, right
W116 all Bonnet
W116 all grille
W121 early grille
W121/111 late grille
W108 early grille
W108 late grille
W114 early grille
W114 late grille

W108/9 all bonnet
W108/9 all boot
W114 all boot
W111 all bonnet
W108/9 all bumper-front. good condition
W108/9 all Bumper, rear good condition
W111/2 all Bumper, front needs minor work
W111/2 all Bumper, rear needs minor work
W121 190b Bumper, front good condition
W121 190b Bumper, rear good condition
W180 220S/SE Bumper, front fair condition
W180 220a Bumper, front. Straight, needs plati
W180 220S/SE Bumper, rear fair condition
W114/5 late Bumper, front good condition
W114 280E Bumper, rear good condition
W114 all other Bumper, rear good condition
W111/2 Coupe Bumper, rear, restored, needs platin
W111/2 Coupe Bumper, rear, needs plating
W111/2 coupe Bumper, front, needs plating
W111/2 coupe Bumper, front, good condition
W111/108 all stone guards-pair

Glass..... All glass parts are original Sekurit manufactured items: there are no reproductions here. Many of the 1960's and 1970's cars had optional tints in the glass. Please let em know which colour you are after if you are interested in any of these.

W109 all Window, rear, left  

W109 all Window, rear, right 
W108/9 all Window, front, left 
W108/9 all Window, front, right 
W108 all Window, rear, left 
W108 all Window, rear, right 
W111 all Window, front, left 
W111 all Window, front, right
W180/121 all rear glass, with trim
W180/121 all Front drivers window 
W180/121 all Front pass. window 
W180/121 all Front drivers quarterlight 
W180/121 all Front pass. quarterlight 
W121 late Rear drivers window 
W121 late Rear pass. window 
W114        early         front drivers window 
W114        early         front passengers window 
W114        late          front drivers window 
W114        late          front passengers window 
W114/5     all            rear passenger window 
W114/5     all            rear drivers side window 
W116        all            front drivers window
W116        all            front passengers window 
W116        SWB          rear passenger window 
W116        SWB         rear drivers side window 
W116        LWB          rear passenger window
W116        LWB         rear drivers side window

Heating and Airconditioning

W114/5 late Heater assy.
W108/9 factory air Air duct
W111/2 all Heater assy
W111/112 all Heat exchanger, right
all all Airconditioner, underdash, OEM
W112 coupe/cab Airconditioner, BEHR, ocmp
W108/9 factory air Aircon. heat exchanger
W108/9 factory air Fan, interior booster
W108/9 factory air Interior air inlet
W116 factory air Heat exchanger, integrated.
W116 factory air fan., interior booster
W108/9 all Heater, first version,
W108/9 all Heater, second version.
W108/9 all Heater, third version
W112/109 factory air Hoses, factory airconditioner
W111 all Air duct
W111 all Air duct
W111 all Air duct
W111 all Air duct
W111 all Air duct, rear floor,floor shift
W111 all Air duct, rear floor, column shift
W111 all Heater control assy
W108/9 all Heater control assy
W114/5 all Heater control assy
W108/9 all air inlet, left
W108/9 all Air inlet, right
W180/121 all Heater coil, left
W180/121 all Heater coil, right

Central Locking

W108/9 late Vacuum reservoir
W116 all Vacuum reservoir, heater
W116 all Vacuum reservoir
W108/9 all Ignition lock: without locking pin
W108/9 all Ignition lock: with locking pin
W108/9 late Ignition and door locks.
W114/5 late Ignition lock, petrol
W115 diesel ignotion lock
W116 all Ignition lock
W111 all Ignition lock, original key

Interior trims

W109 all 'a' pillar cover, left
W109 all 'a' pillar cover, right
W109 all Window frame, FL
W109 all Window frame, FR
W109 all Window frame, RL
W109 all Window frame, RR
W108/9 all Exterior mirror, drivers side